On a quiet night in a roadside bar, egos and alcohol ignite–
sending two friends on a path toward a violent showdown that could forever change both of their lives.

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ONE WAY OR ANOTHER Official Trailer (2018)


Nick Palmieri


Nick is “Marvin”. The main character. You know he’s got chops if I picked him to play the part inspired by my dad.

Ray Hopper


Ray is playing “Rook”. The antagonist. He may look intimidating, but… well, yeah, he’s intimidating.

David S. Hogan

Producer / "Duane"

In between his own projects, including directing a feature film, David has been helping to get the ball rolling on the film. He’s been instrumental in the casting process.

He’ll also be in front of the camera, as “Duane”.

Joseph P McCarthy


Joe plays “Billy”, the bartender. A guy who’s seen it all… and kept most of it under his hat.

Based on a true story.

One Way Or Another is dedicated to my dad… who lived it.

Dad’s life was very different than mine. By the time he was in his twenties, he had already been married, divorced and married again. He had made children and had lost a child. He’d been to a war and come back.

The stories I grew up hearing from and about my dad gave me insight into the man that he was before I knew him. And after. This film is based on one of those stories. One of the crazier ones. I heard it more than a few times as I was growing up.

And I’m proud to tell it again… in my own way.