Behind the Scenes: The Hunger Games – Capitol Tour

Behind the Scenes video for Microsoft that features the development of the Hunger Games Capitol Tour website. Designed to show devs how HTML5 and IE9 power the experience.

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Glimpse BTS

Another in the continuing series of BTS pieces for IE.

Atari Arcade – Behind the Scenes

In this video, get a glimpse at some of the work that went on behind the scenes in the development of Atari Arcade, brought to you by Internet Explorer, Atari, and

Contre Jour – BTS

I worked with Microsoft and the IE team to put together this glimpse at what went into making the game Contre Jour come to life on the web in HTML5.

Another in the series of edits I did with the Microsoft Internet Explorer team.

This one goes out to the web developers… a chance to check out modern.IE for tools and resources to help them make sure their site works great on all modern browsers.


Vyclone – BTS

I worked with Microsoft and the IE team to put together this look at their partnership with Vyclone as they work together to create the future of social video sharing on the web.

This piece in particular talks about the development of Vyclone’s web editor, which allows users to create their own directors cuts of multiple videos taken of a single event, entirely built with only HTML5 and JavaScript

Virtual Senior Center CS- Directors Cut

Case Study for Microsoft MGX 2010. Virtual Senior Center. This isn’t the cut that aired at the show, but it is the version the director and I liked the best… hosted on his Vimeo account.

Director: Guy Tucker Handcuffed Creative.

Starbucks / Microsoft CS

A case study featuring two of Seattle biggest.

Produced by: Integrated Talent

Microsoft / Metro Vancouver CS

A Case Study showcasing Metro Vancouver, BC using Microsoft software to manage the water supply.

Microsoft / AC Milan CS

Case study featuring Microsoft and AC Milan.